Bun venit!

Team out of the city of Dordrecht going to chisinau, Modova

On behalf of pastor Vitaly Glopina welcome to bring a visit to Chisinau, Moldova in 2020 to support their local churches. The services will be held from Friday 24th april 2020 to Monday 27th april 2020.

  • Flying out on fryday 24th april 2020: AMS - KIV,
  • Returnflight monday 27th april 2020 : KIV - AMS
  • Before you book your flight, first consult Jan Schuitema!

Estimated expenses in EUR per person

  • Flight: 225
  • Domestic travel (if applicable): 25
  • Hotel: 100
  • Food and drinks: 50
  • Visa: not applicable
  • Vaccinations (if applicable, ask for advice common health service)
  • Unforeseen: 50


Contact person for Holland: Jan Schuitema. Contact details: schuitema.j@icloud.com, (+31) 6 - 1432 43 50.

Check the website regularly for updates!